SpinDrops interactively displays the dynamics of spin systems in magnetic resonance experiments  (e.g. in medical imaging or in spectroscopy). Animations which previously needed hours of computation time can now be simulated and visualized in real time. This provides immediate feedback about the effect of various experimental parameters and even complex causal relations can be learned intuitively by the users. In contrast to purely vector-based approaches, a novel visualization technique makes it possible to represent abstract quantum correlations in an intuitive way.

Target group: Students and scientists in physics, chemistry, biochemistry and medicine who have an interest in magnetic resonance experiments.



This is an original approach to convey key messages of your company or your product in the form of games, quizzes or video sequences. With FlipPairs you raise awareness and curiosity and attract visitors to your fair stand or provide visitors (e.g. during a waiting period in your entrance area) information about your company and your products in a playful manner. FlipPairs can be used in all sectors, e.g. in health, medicine, beauty, clinics, technology, automotive industry or research institutions. We are pleased to give you advice concerning content creation.

Target group: Product managers, communication experts, online editors, science managers.